Ugrás a tartalomhoz Lépj a menübe



Travelling to the ancient world of cementing force of drumming together.


What is it all about?

It is about a performance of a drum band that would like to give more than a simple music experience, with the co-operation of the audience.

On the occasion of almost 200 appearances in the middle of Europe we have had the experience that after our performances people came to us with the demand on making themselves familiar with and try our instruments -come from the African culture- the Djembes. The delight and enjoyment that came from people’s faces towards us at such times gave the idea to start a new-type business. That is why we have made a decision that it is worth buying musical instruments that we hand on the stage, thus an opportunity presents itself to the enjoyment of playing music with the audience.

Why drum?

Because this is the first instrument of mankind, its ancient has spirit, which goes very deep through your organs.


And from the ancient rhythms many of them are teachable, and you need only few minutes to learn how to do it. It can’t be possible with a piano, flute or any other musical instrument.

As well as the drum fits best to experience when the hearts beat at the same time. ( (Hungarian play of words




Our aim is not to instruct musicians, but to show how to sound the drum how to draw them out for us to hear their words from the past and for everyone having the experiences that playing the drum and playing for fun have a cementing force; that everyone, who likes it, be familiar with its special way of relaxing, or an active part of the enjoyment.